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Can you answer yes to any of these questions?

  • Do you have too much work to do and not enough time?
  • Do you have more clients than you can serve, and even sometimes have to turn down work?
  • Are you working too much, caffeine-fueled, and constantly overwhelmed by what’s supposed to give you freedom?
  • Do you feel if you had help from the right team member, that you could grow your income and expand your influence?
  • Do you want to hire quality help, yet you don’t know how to do it or think you can’t afford it?
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  • Can you think about going on vacation or taking a few days off and not worry about your business or clients?
  • Have you tried outsourcing, yet found it’s more hassle than it’s worth?
  • Have you heard horror stories about wasted money, time, and effort with outsourcing?
  • Is your current VA performing the way you want?
  • Do you wish you could do more of what you love and less of what you hate?

If you've answered "Yes" to any of these questions,
then using HireMyVA is for you!

How our Course Works

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You'll get access to our powerful foundation for recruiting rockstar VAs to effectively prepare yourself and establish benchmarks for success. Use our easy, proven tools and sample forms, to immediately save time, streamline efforts and increase productivity.

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Our step-by-step, proven process allows you to quickly and painlessly find the best person who fits your needs now, gives you breathing room, grows with you, and helps move your life and business towards their fullest potential.

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Other programs miss this vital step! Once you've hired your VA, you MUST ensure both of you thrive! You'll learn how to communicate in a highly effective manner with remote team members, develop and monitor task lists, create a results-oriented culture, and systematize everything.

Now Imagine...

  • having a highly-effective, cost-efficient team member to boost productivity
  • having the systems in place and a team you can rely on to help you grow your business
  • that team is performing on all cylinders
  • having someone that can strengthen your weaker spots
  • doing more of what you love and almost eliminating the part you hate about your job or business
  • taking an actual stress-free vacation, spending time with your family, while work is still getting done
  • taking a full day off
  • being able to enjoy a hobby
  • getting an affordable, step-by-step roadmap to get you there, produced by people who have done it
  • having your life/business moving forward even if you can't work due to an emergency

What You Get


Videos and Transcripts for Easy Consumption

that will guide you through the entire process at your own pace with details and discussions to help guarantee your success.


Step-by-Step Detailed Blueprints

It's the "give me all the details and walk me through this process!" guide. If you want a refresher of any step, describing when and what to do, this is it!


Rapid-Action (Git 'er Done!) Checklists & Templates

It's the "tell me what I need to do, but make it snappy!" guide. You'll want to use this when you've got to get someone very quickly or have issues that need to be solved.


Private Online FORUM

This is where members share their learnings and stories with our vibrant community, ask questions, search for answers, and get advice.

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Our own VAs will answer!

Our own VAs are part of the community and will answer your questions, giving you unique insight into their perspectives to put you ahead of the curve. They've been there and done that!

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Live Q&As

Regular Q&As to answer your questions, review material, and provide shortcuts on what to do. In fact, you'll hear wisdom garnered from our combined 70+ years of experiences (yeah, we're that old, but it's a good thing!) managing and leading teams in a variety of settings.

Some of Our Action Guides & Templates You'll Get...


  • Book Recommendations
  • Prepare Stage Quickstart Checklist
  • What a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You
  • One Page Vision/Mission Creation Action Guide
  • Core Values Creation Action Guide
  • Fundamentals of Hiring Six-Pack Action Guide


  • Sample Requirements for VAs
  • Emails to get to a Live Interview Templates
  • Sample Offer Letter/Contract Agreement between you and your VA
  • Interview Guidelines
  • Interview Questions
  • Weighted Average Decision Matrix
  • Candidate Ranking Spreadsheet
  • Position Filled Email Template
  • Position Invite Email Template


  • Thrive Stage Quickstart Checklist
  • Paid Personal Leave, Holidays, and Working Time Expectations Policy
  • Sample Weekly Meeting Agenda
  • Freeing Someone Preparation Checklist
  • Performance Review Template
  • Personal Paid Leave Action Guide
  • Sample Password Policy

HireMyVA Package

Course & Community!

Only $597
for six months access

  • HireMyVA Masterclass (Prepare, Hire, Thrive - a $597 value)
  • Business Policies and Calculators ($397 value)
  • Sample Emails, Contracts, Onboarding communication templates ($297 value)
  • Community FORUM, Regular Live Q&A calls, access to all recorded Q&As ($268 value)
  • Categorized Interview Questions to uncover true Rockstars ($597 value)
  • Bonus Q&As with other experts and experienced biz owners ($Priceless)

About Us

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Dave Braun

Dave Braun is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, website guru, and author. He is also the CEO of Pro Website Creators, which helps small businesses and individuals with web design, copywriting, and social media. Dave loves to work with clients to help their websites be the hub of their marketing wheel! He's invested years learning the technical aspects of WordPress web design as well as writing copy to help make client's messages clear and not confusing.

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Larry Broughton

Larry Broughton is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and CEO, bestselling author, mentor, keynote speaker, and veteran of the U.S. Army's elite Special Forces. As a former Staff Sergeant, serving 8 years on Special Forces A-Teams (commonly known as the Green Berets), Larry has parlayed the lessons learned from his time in service to his country and applied them to the business arena attaining extraordinary success.

How We've Helped Others

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The HireMyVA team has years of experience working with Virtual Assistants and helping others become successful with VAs, as the program takes you through a proven system to match you with the right VA. This is the go-to-program for how to hire and be successful with a Virtual Assistant.

Nathan Ingram Growth Coach for WordPress Business Owners, CEO of Brilliant Web Works