hva blog how to hire an affordable and amazing virtual assistant case study

How To Hire An Affordable And Amazing Virtual Assistant – Case Study

Case studies are important and practical because they show you exactly what happened when you follow a process or procedure to produce a certain result. And if that process is done right, the result is repeatable. This is no more important than when it comes to hiring (and firing) a virtual assistant, someone that can […]

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hmva blog your most important q a’s on virtual assistants part 1

Your Most Important Q & A’s on Virtual Assistants Part 1

We speak at various events and coach entrepreneurs often, and of course, there are many questions we get asked on the subject of Virtual Assistants, or VAs. In fact, here are a couple of videos where Dave has spoken on the subject “How to Make More Time and Money with Proven Outsourcing” Anyway, this will […]

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hvablog eight amazing benefits to hiring someone virtually

Eight Amazing Benefits to Hiring Someone Virtually

Having a Virtual Assistant can change your life. It has ours, and there are so many benefits to you to have a Virtual Assistant or a team of Virtual Assistants, work with you (careful it is WITH you, not FOR you…). Most people think about a Virtual Assistant as someone on your team that assist […]

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