hva blog image how to know if youre ready to hire an amazing virtual assistant

How to Know if You’re Ready to Hire an Amazing Virtual Assistant

Whether it’s your first time hiring, or if you need to get a second Virtual Assistant, it’s critical that you understand the factors that will indicate you’re ready to hire. The biggest mistake to avoid? Don’t wait until you’re needing them IMMEDIATELY as this can cause you to just hire a warm body, someone to […]

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hva blog image how to overcome the fear of hiring your first virtual assistant

How to Overcome the Fear of Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

Owning a business can be really rewarding, but it can also be scary! No more so than when we’re wanting to move from being a solopreneur to a true business owner. Which means we have got to hire someone to help us! What’s even worse is doing it all the very first time, or even […]

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hva blog what policies to have when you hire a virtual assistant image

What Policies To Have When You Hire a Virtual Assistant

You’ve finally taken the leap and decided to hire a virtual assistant to help you get some more time in your life, more freedom. And maybe to offload tasks that either someone else can do better or faster. But are there some things you need to have in place to help guide them (and you) […]

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hva blog how to hire an affordable and amazing virtual assistant case study

How To Hire An Affordable And Amazing Virtual Assistant – Case Study

Case studies are important and practical because they show you exactly what happened when you follow a process or procedure to produce a certain result. And if that process is done right, the result is repeatable. This is no more important than when it comes to hiring (and firing) a virtual assistant, someone that can […]

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hmva blog your most important q a’s on virtual assistants part 1

Your Most Important Q & A’s on Virtual Assistants Part 1

We speak at various events and coach entrepreneurs often, and of course, there are many questions we get asked on the subject of Virtual Assistants, or VAs. In fact, here are a couple of videos where Dave has spoken on the subject “How to Make More Time and Money with Proven Outsourcing” Anyway, this will […]

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hvablog eight amazing benefits to hiring someone virtually

Eight Amazing Benefits to Hiring Someone Virtually

Having a Virtual Assistant can change your life. It has ours, and there are so many benefits to you to have a Virtual Assistant or a team of Virtual Assistants, work with you (careful it is WITH you, not FOR you…). Most people think about a Virtual Assistant as someone on your team that assist […]

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