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Dave Braun
An easy way to find out a little bit more about us is go to hiremyva.com/aboutus. You can see that here in the URL for the browser. And this guy here on the left is joker here is Dave and this awesome, amazing dude is Larry on the right and if you want to come to the page and you can see, read about, you know, what are we passionate about? Why we’re doing what we’re doing here. We’ve got some great, some great texts here. I guess we can talk about it, Larry. But you know, we want to have people reach their full potential.

Larry Broughton
I think that’s the important part here. Isn’t like, what’s our WHY. It’s so important that you and I have had some great successes in our life, but let’s be really honest here. We tend to learn more from our failures and our defeats than we do from our victories and our successes. And so we wanted to share that stuff. And I just think it’s so important, Dave, that we share what our mission and our vision are before we really get going much further if that’s okay. And our mission here at HireMyVA and you guys are kind of joining us during the second iteration of this. And I promise you this, as we learn more, as we improve our tools, as we streamline this, you guys will be on the journey. You’ll be the benefactors of that because there will indeed be a hireMyVA 3.0 or 2.2 or something along the way. But our mission truly is to deliver creative solutions for legacy building entrepreneurs. You know, you guys are the risk takers. You guys are out there. The ones, the visionaries who believe that you can do something bigger, better, bolder than anyone else. And we want to support you on that mission. But our mission is to deliver creative solutions, to legacy building entrepreneurs that you’re even here tells me that you want to do that. Dave want to to talk about our vision?

Dave Braun
And our vision. When you have a vision for your company and everybody should have one, it’s really the, you know, kind of why you’re doing what you’re doing and what’s, what’s going to happen in the future. What are you striving towards here? And that’s really what we’re trying to do here is a million entrepreneurs using system and tools here that allow them to find freedom. And that’s what we’re about is helping people find freedom in their life and freedom as defined by how you define freedom. It could be freedom to expand your business. It could be freedom to take time off with your family. It’s how you define it. And we have a great, you know, audacious goal of a million entrepreneurs. And we just want to set that out there and have you guys help us achieve that.

Larry Broughton
You know, Dave, I don’t want to scare people already, but if you don’t have your vision and your mission and your core values identified, guess what? We’re going to help you with that. As part of the program we’re going to have, you’re going to have tools to actually get you there. Yes. We want you to hire a VA. We want to give you freedom, but we could talk about that all day long, but if you don’t have the tools to do it, you’re going to be wandering around in the wilderness for years, but we don’t want that. So we’re gonna help you along the way.

Dave Braun
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, and one of the key things that you really do need to have in your business is your core value set up. We talk about how to do that. We have a process later on in the course and usually want to keep it around 3, 5, 6, 7 core values. And these are the ones that we’ve got here. And we encourage you to read these and as you’re developing your core values, you’re welcome to copy these exactly as they are, but they’ve got to resonate with you, right? And part of the core values is these are things that you as your company and yourself as a person want to not only resonate with, but you want to be abiding by it. Doesn’t mean you’re going to be doing it perfect. We’re not perfect. But these are the things that we believe in and that we strive to accomplish.

Larry Broughton
Yeah. We don’t want you to do these folks just for the sake of doing them. I promise you this, when you identify what your mission and vision is, and you identify your core values are, and you start publishing them, then you start talking about those. These are going to be your guiding principles. You’ll be able to check every decision that you make against your, these three elements, your mission, vision, and your core values. And guess what else? it’s going to help you identify and attract people and clients who want to work with you. If these things don’t resonate with, with the potential team members, they don’t resonate with potential clients and they shouldn’t be potential team members or potential clients for you. But I promise you, the more you put this out there, they’ll start resonating with people and say, I want to go work for an organization like that. I want to work with an organization like that. And when you become the honeypot, when you are the one that’s out there and people are coming to you instead of you out and trying to track people down, you find more freedom right there. Efficiency starts to skyrocket.

Dave Braun
And these are important enough that we do tell you to put them in your job application or your position profile online, because that’s exactly what will happen. As Larry said, people will see these and it’d be like, I want to work for this company and you’re going to attract rock stars. And that’s one of the reasons why we do it as well. We want to attract the right people to our team, as well as making sure that our clients understand that what we stand for. You it’ll attract great clients. Oh, and there’s another picture of the two us. of

Larry Broughton
And we sure look happy together, Dave.

Dave Braun
You’re always holding a coffee cup.

Dave Braun
All right. So then there’s a little bit about us, I guess I’ll go first here. Just a little bit about me. I’m a certified John Maxwell coach and of course I speak as I can here. My main company right now is Pro Website Creators. I’m passionate about that and helping people through digital, online marketing, and as well as being passionate about what we’re doing here, you know, we strive to help small businesses individuals with, you know, web design, covering social media, loving to help work with clients on that and there’s a few other quick things about me. I’m married, been married for 30 well, but whenever you’re hearing this, it’s over 35 years and great wife, live in Orange County, California, Irvine. I have two grown boys. One is married, they’re in the thirties. And let’s see, I worked in the corporate world as in the semiconductor company as an engineer, doing different roles for almost 30 years. Have you may see in the back behind me when you’re looking, I have got six patents and I’ve got a fierce, loving cat. What else let’s see. Oh, and I, well, right now I can’t go to Mariners church here in Irvine. And I participate in the jail ministry where we go in and do services for Protestant services for the inmates. That’s a lot of fun right now, we’re on a little bit of a hold, but I’m hoping that we’ll be starting up soon again. And Larry, you and I have been working together since about 2014, right?

Larry Broughton
Time is a blur for me, but that’s probably working with each other. Yes. We’ve known each other for 19 years, over 19 years at this point, 19 I think

Dave Braun
Yeah. Talk about yourself right here

Larry Broughton
Oh gosh. You know how I love that.

Dave Braun
That’s why I’m like stumbling over my words. It’s like, ah,

Larry Broughton
Oh, so I’m an entrepreneur. That’s probably a place to start, have owned or been a partner in several companies over the years. My primary business is I’m the founder and CEO of a hotel company and we’re in our 20th year for that. I was a partner in a hotel company prior to that, where I worked for about 14 years. Grew up on the east coast in rural New York, spent several years in the military, moved to San Francisco after that where I got my first job in the hotel industry. And I thought I wanted to get into the political arena, but worked in a couple of political campaigns on both sides of the aisle and realized I don’t want to be involved with any of them. I don’t have thick enough skin for it, but at the same time, I was falling in love with the hotel industry.

Larry Broughton
And that’s where my first job was out of the military. And so it was a very entrepreneurial company and I’d had some entrepreneurial, I don’t know, romances early in my life, flirted with entrepreneurship before I even knew what the word was. However, I kind of realized over the years, by going to some really great universities that I love to teach, I like to learn. I like to write. And so one of the first projects Dave and I worked on is this book here called Flashpoints for Achievers. It’s really a daily journal and without Dave’s help, I never would have been able to get this thing.

Dave Braun
I’m not sharing the screen anymore so they’re just seeing us.

Larry Broughton
So it’s called the Flashpoints for Achievers or daily journal. And I said, Dave and I met 19 years ago, we used to attend the same church together. And then I’ve got another best-selling book out called  Victory. It’s an acrostic and we can talk about that. A lot of the tools that we use in HireMyVA come from this book or some of the tools I should say, but it’s really seven entrepreneurial strategies to launch your business, elevate your impact and transform your life. I’ve been really blessed, I guess, and that I personally in the companies that I’ve been involved with have won a lot of awards, everything from Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year award, the Visionary of the year, Vetrepreneur of the year. One of the ones I’m most proud of those from Passkeys Foundation is called the National Business Leader of Integrity award.

Larry Broughton
And so I say that because if somebody recognizes you for integrity, guess what? You better live up to it. And integrity is one of those things where people like to call you on it when they feel like you don’t have it. And so what I try to pride myself in those just being a lifelong learner and sharing the lesson that I’ve learned along the way you’ll learn with me that there’s two things I was carrying my pocket. And one is my special forces coin that reminds me of the heritage, where I come from, what kind of molded me to who I am today. And the second thing is a small pewter globe. And that’s a reminder of the million entrepreneurs and leaders that I want to help grow so they can positively impact the world. And that’s what part of this HireMyVA program as with Dave. So we are absolutely committed to building community and, and offering tools and resources to help people grow. I am co-dependent. And so this fits perfectly with that. I love helping people. How’s that ,Dave?

Dave Braun
Oh, that’s awesome. And we’ve had a good time together at some of the IVMF conferences, right? We’ve like the edge conference where you’ve been a keynote speaker there and we’ve done some great programs for military vets, entrepreneurs who are making some big inroads in the business community that’s been so gratifying.

Larry Broughton
And it’s one of the things I’m really passionate, I was doing keynote speeches. I’ve been blessed to be able to do that around the world, but yeah, mentoring and mastermind programs, like the ones that you and I run are some of the most rewarding things that we do. And so what we try to do, it’s also part of this program is to take the lessons that other, not just Dave, you and I have learned along the way, but we’ve got coaching clients and mastermind members who have tried VAs, tried different tools and some with varying levels of success. And so we, I guess one of the things that you and I have learned to call each others, work aggregator of ideas, we aggregate great ideas from around the world around seeing what other people do. And then we share them with other people. You can basically, learn from those mistakes that we’ve made. And we’re very transparent and open about what’s working, what hasn’t worked. We believe, I believe that we don’t hold that. This is my idea, and I’m not going to share it with you. That’s a terrible way to live. I would prefer that we all, if we learned something, you know, it’s a zero sum gain when you live that, that way. I think there’s enough success out there for all of us. And so I love sharing the ideas.

Dave Braun
Awesome. Alright. Well, thanks for sharing Larry, all of you folks watching this that’s enough about us. This program is about you guys, helping you guys be successful. So now it’s time to take action. And Larry, as you always say-

Larry Broughton
Do something significant today. Go get them. Yeah. But here’s the thing: Go get them, but do it with other team members. One of the things I think you’re gonna love about this program is the community that we’re trying to build. Okay? Tap into the community. But yes, Dave alright, everybody, Go get them!

Dave Braun
Oh, Since you said that, one more thing. Wait, hold on. You know, you talk about the community is when we were doing masterminds, how many valuable ideas came from the other mastermind members, and Groups. All right So we’re here to guide. We’re not master of all, we’re not the greatest gurus in the world. We’re here to guide. Also make sure you, like Larry said, rely on team members and take their inputs. They got some, they’ll have some great ideas for you. All right.

Dave Braun
Now go get them!

Larry Broughton
Go get them!

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