Joe Dichiara

I started a weekly newsletter that includes resource recommendations. 9/15 is Hire My VA. Here’s what I’m sending. I thought you might want to use it.

Larry Broughton and Dave Braun created this program just for me! Actually, they started it a long long time ago going through all of the pain and suffering of figuring it out so people like us don’t have to. In a nutshell, it’s a course and community on finding the right VA. It includes monthly live meetings where you can talk to some of Dave Brauns VA’s that have been with him for years, ask questions…. You can connect with other members through a really cool Kajabi platform which also includes training videos, templates, and a bunch of other stuff you have to sign up for to find out.

My personal experience has been literally life-changing. We have a super team of 4 full-time VA’s and are hiring 2 more before tax season. Hire my VA has cut down on the tremendous amount of time it takes to hire new team members with their sequence of hiring templates that finding the right candidates is almost on auto-pilot.

I highly recommend Hire My VA!