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Episode Summary

In our very first set of podcast episodes, where we start answering questions, and really these were limiting beliefs when it comes to building a team and ultimately a business.

If you haven’t heard what I feel is the best definition of a business, I’m going to tell you what it is now, and it’s from Dan Lok, an internet marketer: “A business is a profitable enterprise that works with or without you.”

If you aren’t working towards that, if your business will collapse when you’re gone, you’re not building a business, you’re continually creating a job for yourself. Or even worse since with a job, you can normally at least take a vacation away from it!

So you’ve just got to build a team.


Episode 1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JwGE2UQVvg&t=4s
Episode 2- https://youtu.be/1e-LpoPXBc0
Episode 3- https://youtu.be/VjVcG-Aa3Vc

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Episode Transcription


Dave Braun
Hey, everyone. Welcome to the HireMyVA Team and Business Building Podcast brought to you by Yoogozi.com. And in this podcast and at HireMyVA, we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with virtual assistants without breaking the bank, that means your bank. And I’m Dave Braun, your host. And normally I’m here with Larry Broughton, but he’s taken a break as a referred to in the previous episode. So I’m going to do my best to walk you through this episode. This is number 119, and really what we’re going to do here, We’re gonna do some a little bit different. Now we’re going to talk, do a summary of some of our earlier episodes. Some of these episodes we did a while ago, over a year ago, but they are so evergreen. And I don’t want you guys to miss so many important points in that, in these first set of our podcast episodes.

Dave Braun
When we started answering these questions, they’re really more limiting beliefs when it comes to building a team and ultimately a business and these limiting beliefs are things that I had to get over. Larry’s had to get over and you’ve got to be able to get over these things as well. If you’re going to build a business, you know, if you haven’t heard, what I feel is the best, very best definition of a business. I’m going to tell you what it is right now. And that’s from Dan Lok and he’s an internet marketer. And he said, a business is a profitable enterprise that works either with or without you get that with or without you. The key thing is without you, because if you aren’t working towards that, if your business is going to collapse, when you’re gone, then you’re really not building a business. You’re continually creating a job for yourself.

Dave Braun
Sometimes that job that you’re creating for yourself is even worse than a real job, because at least with a regular job, you can take a vacation and get away from it all. If you’re building a business and you can’t step away from it, then it’s like, you know, having a ball and chain around you, can’t be doing that. The best way to that is you just got to build a team. Okay? So these are earlier episodes, you can find on our website hiremyva.com/podcasts, where you can listen, watch, or read, and because we’ve got transcripts there. Okay. But what’s great about this episodes. And I think we’re going to do a few more like this. We’re going to see is we’re going to give you, I’m going to give you the main highlights of some of these episodes. Now, I still recommend you go back and listen to them or at least read through it. But at least here, you’re going to get some really pointed and condensed information and this is just one episode. So we’re going to go through a three of the different episodes. All right. Now, in our first episode, we answered the question. Doesn’t hiring someone costs too much, and I’m going to walk us through this, using my iPad again. So let me share my screen. Give me a quick sec here.

Dave Braun
Okay. Alright. So hopefully you guys see this, hopefully. Oh, I got to go to my pen. All right. That’s working good, we use blue this time. I can get rid of that. All right. So, so our first episode was doesn’t hiring someone cost too much. Okay. So we talked, we have these different points that we brought up. So number one is we aren’t, we aren’t, I can’t type, I can’t write as fast as I talk. We aren’t calculating time correctly. Okay. Okay. Number one, we are counting carry leading time correctly because we think a task that will take an, let me go back up. We think a task that we do is going to take an expert the same amount of time. And what we do is we project that time cost in the calculation. So for example, it might take us 10 hours per month to do our accounting.

Dave Braun
Okay. But someone that really knows what they’re doing, you know, it’s going to take them probably five hours a month. Right. So we’ll, you might automatically think, well, I can, accountants can make a hundred dollars an hour. It’s going to cost 10 hours. No, it’s only going to be five hours because they know what they’re doing. It’s not going to cost you that much, but you can kind of get the idea, right. So we aren’t calculating the time correctly and how much time it’s going to take somebody else to do it. All right. So the second point was brought up is that we are calculating the actual cash. The actual cash cost is incorrect in our minds. Okay. So we all always think of how much it’s going to cost in the United States. Now there’s various places in the United States that is, it’s going to be different between whether or not you are in Southern California.

Dave Braun
Like I am versus somewhere, maybe in Georgia or Florida, the costs are going to be a little bit different. Okay. Now, because we talked about here, it’s not just about time, but it’s about actual location. So that’s one of the reasons we advocate for people from the Philippines, because we’ve talked about that on a bunch of episodes, but they’re loyal, they’re hardworking, they’re honest. And they’re very, there’s a lot of expertise and their rates are roughly one fifth to one 10th of what it is in the US all right. So you can really get a lot more bang for your buck. An example is if you’ve hired a developer that might cost you 100K per year for US, it’s going to be maybe about 10 K per year in the Philippines. Okay. That’s quite a bit different. And you may even ask yourself, well, of course in the U S we’ll be more productive, but, and that may be true, but that may not be true.

Dave Braun
We’ve got some really productive Philippine resources. And so you got to challenge that in your mind. Okay. The, the next thing that we were talking about, oops, the next thing that we were talking about is back here. The next thing we were talking about, and number three is we aren’t counting though. We aren’t calculating the lost opportunity costs. The lost opportunity costs. So lost opportunity costs. So you spend 10 hours a month on accounting. What else could you be doing with that time? What could you doing? What can you, could you be doing with another 10 hours per month? I mean,you could be doing, creating new offers. You can be building your email list. You can be talking to more qualified prospects. You could be designing better systems. You could be thinking about ways to giving more value to our clients so that you could even charge them more.

Dave Braun
So what this is doing is if you can get those 10 hours back, because you can move your brain from more tactical to strategic, okay. That’s really, really important. Once you start thinking about strategic, then you can start thinking about how you can grow your business independent of yourself. And remember though that these hours, these hours here, there are truly lost. There are lost. You can’t gain those back. You just can’t. Now you can translate those monies to hours. To a certain extent. You can always earn more money, but you can’t earn more time. Now also what you could do is you could use those hours, not just to, you know, build your business, but you could also translate those hours to keeping yourself healthy or your family healthy having you’re giving yourself a little bit more time to do some of those other things, because so many of us entrepreneurs, we just don’t, we just don’t keep ourselves healthy.

Dave Braun
What if you had another 10 hours a month, if you could do 20 half-hour workouts, what have you translated this, those hours into 20 half hour workouts per month? Do you think that, that you would be more healthy? Absolutely. Okay. So one of the things I also have that I want you to do is go to hiremyva.com. You will be able to see what we’ve got there, something that’s recent, and it should be up by the time you listen to this is we’ve got Technicolor’s here. Cause it’s so important is a lost opportunity calculator. Okay. For those who are just listening, I’m writing down. That’s why I’m talking a little bit, slow, a lost opportunity Calculator. You can see how many hours that you can potentially gain back by offloading various things. Okay. So that is, that was our first episode. All right. So let me clear this out and we’re going to clear this out and then we’re going to talk about our second episode. Now, the second episode was, I’ve never managed someone before and don’t know where to start. Okay. That was our second episode.

Dave Braun
And when you read for this one, cause I want to have fun. So in the second episode we’re talking about, I’ve never managed someone before and don’t know where to start. We brought up these following points. Okay. Number one, in that episode is doing anything at all is scary the first time. Scary the first timem And it’s hard, but eventually it does get easier. Anything that we do is scary the first time and it gets it and it’s hard, but it will get easier. Think about when you started driving the car, when you first did your business, it’s was hard. You’ve got your first client. Sometimes that’s those things are hard. The second point was, you know, that’s why we’ve created our course in community. Okay. We’ve done that for you to help us all get better and better with managing team members and of course getting our lives back.

Dave Braun
And one of the things that’s really important is that you guys get to learn from Larry and I we’ve got about 80 years now. Yeah. We’re getting up there 80 years, combined years of experience managing and leading teams. And here’s the, one of the things that’s important to remember is that we’ve led various teams. We’ve led sports teams. We’ve led non-profits for-profits or large companies, big companies, small companies we’ve done and then Larry of course is military as well. So on all different areas, we’ve led teams. Now the third point here, because remember, we’re talking about getting rid of the false belief of, I’ve never managed someone before and don’t know where to start. So Larry talked about using the DACC framework. Okay. The DACC framework, the D stands for direction. Okay. Be clear on the direction that you are giving somebody A stands for alignment.

Dave Braun
Okay. You want to make sure that what you’re doing aligns with the company goals, what they’re doing aligns with the company goals. The first C then is commitment. You’ve got to get commitment from yourself and everybody in the company that this is where you are going. Okay. And then the other C, the last C is communication. Okay. Obviously you’ve got to be communicating on a regular basis. So that was the third point. So then the fourth point we talked about as a mistake that a lot of people make is they say, I’m going to just jump into this and hire three or four people. That can be a mistake. So what we advocate is start slow and hire one and then move on from there because the dynamics change as you, as you hire more people. So you hire one and move on from there.

Dave Braun
Okay. The fifth thing we talked about is you will make mistakes. Okay. Mistakes will happen. There is a learning curve. Okay. And then of course we are there to help you. Right. So be ready. You’re going to make mistakes. You give yourself some permission to fail. Okay. We want you to give yourself permission to fail because we failed to, we failed multiple times. I’ve screwed up so many times, but I’ve always forged ahead knowing that this is the way to freedom is building that team. And then the sixth thing is these mistakes as well, We help shortcut those. We help you shortcut getting over them and not making them because we actually have, you know, basically a recipe for you guys to be successful in the course. Okay. So that ends up being that was the second episode. I’ve never managed someone before and don’t know where to start. Now, our third episode, the question was similar, but had a little bit of a twist. It’s basically I’ve know we’re a little experience managing will building a team work for me. So I’m going to do this a little bit different. Can I cut this out?

Dave Braun
Well, that didn’t work. All right. We’re just gonna, instead of that, we’re going to move down below this. Okay. So now we’re going to talk about, I have no or little experience managing will building a teamwork for me. So here’s what we mentioned. The following here is all right. So some people look at us and say, of course it works for you. You know, you look at Larry and Dave and you say, well, of course it works for you because you’ve got all these years of experience that we just mentioned. Well, of course, that’s one of the reasons why we created HireMyVA to help you, that we’ve got the HireMyVA Course and Community. Okay. All right. And we’re not here just to help you with the team, but we’re here to help you with not only team, but with your, but both business as well. Okay.

Dave Braun
All right. So, and one of the ways that we do this, the main that we do, this is with our powerful Q and A sessions. They’re designed exactly. So that you can ask us anything that you want from, you know, we’ve had a question about how to get rid of overwhelm. You can ask us how to keep in shape, you know, even how do you establish habits to what are the most important financial systems in your business or in your life to create? So you can ask us anything you want, if you, when you participate or submit a question, we will answer it. And then the other great thing about it is you will get our community answering it as well. The folks that are on the call, we leverage those as well. So you’re not just getting Larry and me and our years of expertise, but as you’re getting a lot of others, their expertise as well, the second thing you have to remember is we started like you.

Dave Braun
So we started just like you, and I guess what it’s working for us. And it, it, we, like I said, we failed, but it’s worked. And it is working. We are still hiring people and looking for people and we are still trying to hone our craft. And that’s when the great things about being with us as you’ll learn some of the mistakes that we’re still making and that we’re, you know, and how we’re overcoming certain things. We’re constantly adding, we’re constantly adding new, new information. What might be an action guides, worksheets, et cetera, to the course. Okay. So it’s a living and breathing thing. All right. So that’s number two. Then the third thing is we talked about learning from our mistakes successes and then the community. Okay. And I, I’m kind of repeating myself here. Let me write that better. I’m kind of repeating myself in here because it’s so, so critical.

Dave Braun
One of the things I wanna tell you a story at one of our community members just recently, and of course Larry, but they ended up changing their meetings and going around and saying what they were thankful for at the beginning. So if you’re in the HireMyVA course, and you’ve seen it, we give you a sample meeting agenda, how you want to structure a team meeting on a weekly basis. One of the things that in the training, it talks about starting off with the celebration. And that’s great. And I’ve done that for years, but they’re talking now about start starting off with asking people how they are thankful. So move from celebration to what are you thankful for? And so we’ve been doing that in the last couple of months in our team, and it’s, it’s a lot more fun. It really does lead to a better team meeting.

Dave Braun
It leads to a better attitude because once people are thankful and grateful, they are a lot more positive and they realize that there really is, is a lot. It helps. The more thankful we are, the more positive we are. Okay. So, so that’s kinda what happens even an old dog like me, I can learn new tricks. So if you’re just starting out, if you’ve been around for a while, come on in and join us. So that’s a quick review of our first three episodes and we think those are pretty good. I think we’ll be doing a few more of these in the future, but let us know down in the comments, is this something that you want, that you think is going to be more valuable to you? All right. So thank you all for joining us today because remember building a team is the way to reclaim your freedom and we of course, are here to help you with our course in community and our White Glove Service, where we find a rock star VA for you.

Dave Braun
So three things we’d love for you to do right now. And we really appreciate it. Number one, subscribe to this podcast, if you haven’t already done. So do it either on your phone or on your phone, your Android phone, or your iPhone, just go ahead and subscribe to us, do it on YouTube, hit the subscribe button and then the little bell next to it to get reminders. So please go ahead and do that. And then number two, give us a rating, preferably five star, or leave a comment below this video. Any comment because it’ll help us get the word out and we will respond. If you have a question, throw it in there, do it in our community. If you’re part of us, do it in YouTube, do wherever you you want to. Okay. And then number three, go to Hiremyva.com for more information on our course and community, our free resources. You can get podcast transcriptions there, everything. And you’ll find out about our White Glove service. Because remember, even with that experience, you’ll learn how to prepare for a hire and thrive with virtual assistants. Larry and I have helped a lot of folks and we want to help you too. So just go to hiremyva.com for more information, you guys have a very, very blessed day hope. This is helpful to you. Let us know, and we’ll see you at the next episode. Take care. Bye.


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