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HireMyVA Podcast 14 – I doubt I’ll be able to find someone as smart as me

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Dave Braun
Hello, everyone. Welcome to the HireMyVA Team and Business Building Podcast, where we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with virtual assistants without breaking the bank. Not talking about the US bank or Wells Fargo, it’s your bank.

Larry Broughton
The important one.

Dave Braun
Hey, I’m Dave Braun. I’m here with my partner and my friend, my accountability partner in so many things. Larry Broughton. Larry.

Larry Broughton
Hello, Dave. It’s great to see you. Yeah, you too. You too. Thanks for being my friend.

Dave Braun
You’re welcome. And thank you for being my friend and actually walking me off the ledge yesterday. So much work. So much stuff.

Larry Broughton
Yeah, no, it’s fun.

Dave Braun
You folks that are listening, you’re probably feeling the same thing a lot, but we appreciate you being here with us. So let’s get into the topic. You’re ready, Yeah, let’s do it. What is it? So, some people will be thinking, I doubt I’ll be able to find someone as smart as me to help me in my business. And yes,

Larry Broughton
Well, listen, I like that whoever wrote this in is so confident in themselves, high feelings of themselves. That’s a good thing. I would push back on you a little bit or maybe a lot, I guess listen, having studied high achievers for years, one of the common traits of high achievers is that they are very intentional about bringing people onto their team who are smarter than they are in certain areas. There are areas of my life where I’m a freaking rockstar, where I know that there are few very people who can keep up with me, but most areas of my life, I am mediocre at best. And so I try to bring in people who augment my, quote, unquote weaknesses and support my strengths. I try not to spend too much time on my weaknesses, but instead augment them. So the whole idea of hiring virtual assistants is to bring on people to your team who are gonna propel you forward, help you spend more time in your strengths and let them soar in their strengths.

Larry Broughton
Oftentimes when you feel ground down, when you feel burned out, when you just lose motivation, it’s because you’re not working in your strengths. And imagine if every VA that you hired, every person in your team was working in their strengths as well. You know, everything would just be buzzing. It’d be a great experience. So I would just caution you about being fearful of bringing on people only because you think, oh, you know, I’m not going to find anybody as smart as me. You know, there probably are, like I said, I’m glad that you have high self-esteem about it. And it it’s it’s it makes a whole lot of sense. Listen, Dave, people would not have their own practice, like attorneys, CPAs, doctors who are on this, or be business owners or entrepreneurs, if we didn’t have some kind of, didn’t think that we had the goods. Right. But I would really encourage you. Let’s shift the thinking a little bit, but I’m sure you’ve got thoughts on this too.

Dave Braun
Oh yeah. Well let’s humor everybody that might be thinking that, right. Okay. Let’s oh, you mean like,

Larry Broughton
Well maybe you’re right.

Dave Braun
Yeah. Let’s assume they’re really, really, really, really smart. Right. But actually you are smart. You’re really smart. And so am I. Right? So here’s a couple of scenarios. One is, well, guess what, no matter how smart you are, no matter how good you are efficient, you are, you’ve got 24 hours in the day. Sorry. That’s all you’ve got. Right. So, and let’s say, you decide, okay, I’m going to hire somebody. Maybe they’re only half as smart as you. Well, they can get half the work done, but that’s still the two of you together, that’s still more work getting done, then just you on your own. Right? So you’re ahead of where you are. Even with a small overhead. Now let’s also think about who are some of the most brilliant people in the world. Do you think a lot of times Nobel prize winners?

Dave Braun
Yes. Well, there are PhDs at universities. Well guess what? They’ve got postdocs, they got masters degree folks that are doing all kinds of work for them, running numbers, doing all kinds of research, they couldn’t win the Nobel prize by themselves. They don’t, they need a team of people working with them. And there’s some of the most, there’s some of the smartest people around even, you know, some of the best surgeons, well guess what? They’ve got the nurses in there, they’ve got other doctors who are opening and closing and helping them to maximize their time so that they can work more time at what their best and greatest at.

Larry Broughton
That’s absolutely right. I mean, one of the timely topics right now, our Supreme court justices, right. They’ve got law clerks.

Dave Braun
Yeah. They do. And, and you know what, and what we see, as time goes the new Supreme court justices, for example, guess what they were, they were law clerks. And I would imagine that there’s a whole lot of those law clerks that are, you know, very, very, if not smarter, just as smart than some of the Supreme court judges, they just haven’t had the experience and the time yet.

Larry Broughton
Yet. That’s right. Yeah. That’s good. Yeah.

Dave Braun
And I think, one of the big keys for all of you folks who are really smart and really want to stay in your strengths, like Larry said, is hiring someone the right way. You do it the right way. It will free you up to excel more in your area of intelligence, the area that you love, the area that you are best at.

Larry Broughton
Yeah. Yeah. I’d encourage you, would you rather have a team of smart people, you know, or just keep on grinding it out, letting the business grind you down and not being productive. One of the things that we repeat over and over again, Dave is what if just, what if God forbid something happens to you and you’re not able to service your clients or to launch your business because you are afraid that you’re not going to get people as smart as you yeah. Right. The truth is there’s plenty of smart people out there. It is better to get a team built who can keep the engine running, keep the wheels turning, right. Keep the butts going down, whatever analogy you want to use, keep the sled on the tracks. Then for it to all of this, come to a stand still, should God forbid something happens, an illness or a distraction or whatever who, who the heck knows. Right. Yeah. And the great thing about the way that we’ve set up this program is we’re mitigating a lot of the risk for you on this. Right. Taking a lot of the guesswork out of it, helping you actually hire, high achieving superstars. Right. You can try it on your own, go for it. You can try it on your own. Okay.

Dave Braun
And you may get lucky. That’s what happened when I started is I got lucky. And then I messed up a couple of times and didn’t have the success until coming up with really the formula that we’ve got in the program.

Larry Broughton
That’s right. That’s absolutely right. Yeah. Good. All right. Anything else, sir? No, I think we nailed it on that one.

Dave Braun
Okay. Awesome. Well, folks, I hope you appreciated this time. Hope you got something out of it. So important for you to build a team. And we are here to help you to do that because through building a team, you can reclaim your freedom. Again, we are here to help you. So we’d love you to do these three things for us. Number one, subscribe to the podcast if you haven’t already done so. Give us a rating. That’s number two, preferably five star. And then also go to hiremyva.com for more information on our course and in our community. And I want you guys remember without experience, you’ll learn how to prepare for hire and thrive with virtual assistants. Larry and I have helped a lot of folks. We’re helping people. Now, we just want to help you too and want to see you grow your business and get the freedom in your life. Just go to hiremyva.com for more information. If I can say that, I often times have problems saying that… that’s all folks.

Larry Broughton
Yeah, yeah, yeah. I would just say this we’ve mentioned community there. If you’ve got questions about this podcast or any of the podcast topics that we do, please send us a message. Leave it in the comment section, wherever you found this. Cause this, this little podcast is found on most of the platforms, or just send us a message. If you have questions, any question you want, go ahead and submit it to us through any of the platforms or through the website or through the community. And we’d be glad to add it to one of the lists. So thanks folks. Hey, do yourself a favor. Do the world a favor, go do something significant today. All right. Go get ’em. Bye.

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