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Well, good morning, good afternoon, or good evening. Welcome to the HireMyVA Team and Business Building Podcast, where we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with virtual assistants without breaking the bank, which the most important bank is your bank. And that’s what we help you not to break. And I’m Dave Brian. I’m here with my partner. Great friend, crazy buddy of mine. Larry Broughton. Larry, what’s up man?

Greetings and salutations to you. The way you started this one was very funny. For some reason made me chuckle. Good morning, Good afternoon

Could have it sound like… I think it sound like Jim Carrey or something like that.

I don’t know. Jeez. Hey, we got a question today. What is it? Darn it

We do here is the question and topic for today. It is I’ll train them and as soon as they get really good, they’ll just go work for someone else.

Yeah, we hear this a lot. Yeah. You know what, Dave, I’m going to start with the same answer. I usually give back. Could happen to anybody who works in your, your real life office. Couldn’t it? For crying out loud. So yeah. So let’s start with that. W what do you think about this one, Dave? I think the one I came up on the webinars as well, didn’t it?

Yeah, of course. Yeah. It can, it can happen exactly. Like you said, but you know, one of the things is, and is if you are hiring, right. And if you are having them, when they’re getting really good, even exceeding your capability, you’ll be having them update your systems and processes. And so hopefully when you do things right, as we talk about in our course, they will have recordings and everything left behind to help you train the next person that comes along.

Should they actually leave? Yeah.

Should they actually leave, yeah

But one of the most important elements of the program as to how to get someone on board and then they will want to stay there. If we create a really attractive work environment where they’re working in their strengths and they’re feeling challenged and they’re being rewarding and you’re being positive and upbeat with them, they’re not going to want to go someplace else. But honestly, if you treat them like a hired hand, you treat them like a virtual assistant, like traditional virtual assistant, where they’re really not part of the team. You’re disrespectful, you’re dismissive. Guess what? Yeah. They’re going to go somewhere else. And they, they deserve it. They deserve to have a great place to work and you deserve to have them leave. I’m sorry. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I’m not sorry because sometimes we need that wake up call, right?

Yeah. But one of the things that we have found, and we’ve had virtual assistance from a couple of different countries, then we’ve had virtual assistants from right here in the US as well. We have found with the Philippine culture is that they’re very loyal, right? They want to do a great job. They don’t want to be jumping from employer to employer. And so I think that if you get somebody who’s working their strengths, you’re treating them with you create an organization where people actually thrive. One of the things I really like about what you’ve done, Dave, with some of the VAs is that you’ve helped them expand their skillset. And so they become better professionals. You know, the Gallup organization shows that, you know, one of the reasons why people leave an organization and this hurts for me to even say it, I’ve had people leave. My organization is they’re not quitting their job. They’re quitting their employer, or they’re quitting their boss.


That’s like a knife turning them. I got sometimes right. I’ve got to evaluate, cause I’ve had people who, who have left from the organization, but really the number one reason that people leave according to the Gallup state of the, so they do a state of the American workforce survey and a state of the world force world survey is that people that feel like they’re not being professionally developed. In other words, they’re not growing. They feel like they’re stagnating. And in some cases they’re moving backwards. And so if you follow the, the, the, the thrive module where we encourage you to help build their skillset, they’re more likely to stick around.

Yeah. And it’s, and you’re right. Helping build their skillset. And chances are when you’re doing that, they will tell you what they’re interested in. In, in a lot of times it will align with their strengths, right. And how they’re wired. And if we help our team work within their strengths, they’re going to be a lot more satisfied, a lot happier, happier. And you know, it’s going to be rare that they would look for something new. Now I remember I did have one person leave once, but that was because, I mean, it was like an offer. He couldn’t refuse. It was like three times the salary of what I was paying. But the key thing about the Philippines that I learned from him was that it’s customary for them to give a month’s notice and that’s, and that’s what he did. So we still worked together and did some training of myself and others. And so it was a great, great transition. And because this person had so much integrity and which is what we teach you to hire for, because this person had so much integrity. He’s like, yeah, I’ll stick around and do some things even afterwards, if you need some help, et cetera. So that transition even went beyond when he was officially, you know, officially gone. And it just worked out so smoothly and so beautifully.

Yeah. One of the things I don’t think we should overlook Dave, and that is compensation. You kind of cued in on it there a little bit. If you’re the type of employer, business owner, entrepreneur, who’s looking to rip people off to get the most out of people, pay them the least that you can, this program is not right for you skip over the thrive section. Cause it’s not even gonna matter to you. You know? So go put a comment in the, in the community section and see how other people feel about that type of work environment. But if you really do want somebody to stick around and you want to pay somebody fairly and again, paint someone fairly in the U S is different than paying somebody fairly in the Philippines, right? Giving someone a 15 or 20% raise or paying somebody 10% above market conditions in the Philippines is a lot different than paying to be 10% above market conditions in, in the US you very likely, if you can afford, let’s pick a number.

If you can afford $5 an hour, you could probably afford five 50 an hour, $6 an hour. And that’s a big difference, big difference in places like the Philippines or some of the other places that have great VA’s. Yeah. I just wanted to throw that out there. So what’s the point of that? Well, pay fair wages, even pay a little bit more. One of the things I think that we’ve found is successful. David’s doing bonuses for extra work, right. Or a superior work and holidays and those types of things, because most VA’s don’t get that kind of thing. They get their hourly, they get their hourly rate and that’s it. But again, if you treat them like a team member, they’re more likely to treat you like a team member and have your back.

Yeah. We’ve even talked about profit sharing as well. Right. And when the right time is to do that for your team. Yeah. If you even want to do that and consider that, and that’s, I mean, that is a great way for them to feel like, Hey, they’ve got some ownership in the company.

Yeah. And even if you don’t do it as the entire company, you can do it on a per project basis because that incentivizes them to get more done quickly, high quality rates than, than not, you can kind of test the waters a little bit. Yeah,

Absolutely. And, and, you know, the other thing is if it’s something like this does come up, you know, and, and you want to, you know, we’re always talking in our community and in our Q and a session sessions about how to help people and keep their VA’s, how to help them thrive. Right. Because that, that is so important. That’s one of the modules that’s that, you know, most places, you know, give you a VA and then that’s it. And then they, they, they leave you higher and dry, or they say, Hey, here’s a blog post read about it, but it’s a continual process of how are you going to help your VA’s thrive? And, and I’ll be honest with you, Larry. Sometimes even I forget how, you know, how to help them thrive. You know, I forget what their strengths are, their Colby scores. I forget about the fact that, you know, we did profit sharing at one time and we’re not doing it at the moment, but you know, I really need to consider doing that again. And when is the right time? Sure,

Sure. Well, listen, this is it. That is one of the great things about the community, because we get reminded of some of these things, right? And I think that that community, and particularly the thrive module, and even the prepare module, the prepare module, there are a lot of courses out there, Dave, that tell you how to hire somebody. I just got to going through, you know, me, I don’t get on social media that much anymore, but I was going through Facebook earlier and I keep this one guy keeps coming up and he’s got this book on how to hire a VA. And so I looked at the program and that’s how to hire him, but he doesn’t tell you how to prepare to hire the right person, nor do they tell you how to thrive to keep that person. You didn’t have a community. Right.

And so, so I think that’s one of the powerful things about this program is the community. Yes, we have got the Q and a, the bonus Q and a programs that we do all go on live. And I’m sorry that I missed the one last week, but I was, you know, evacuated from my home because of the wildfires here in orange county. And, but those, those communities and the bonus Q and a sessions can, can be really, really powerful. So if you’ve got more questions about this, like, Hey, I’m concerned that if I train the people, they’re gonna go somewhere else or whatever it is, go to the community and ask and ask and ask the question.

Yeah. And, and, you know, our community is there for you, not just for a question about your VA’s, but you may have a question about software. You may have a question about anything in your business, and that’s, we’ve got a lot of people that got a lot of experience in very various different areas.

Yeah. I’ve liked seen Daphne and Brian get on there, get on the community and yeah.

We need to have them on our next Q & A don’t we?

I think the big right idea let’s Yeah doing.

Okay. All right. Sounds good. Good. Anything else? All right. Well, I think we covered the topic pretty well about training him. And once they get really good, they’ll go work for someone else while we said it could happen. There’s a lot of things you can do as we talked about to mitigate that. Yeah. All right. All right. So, well, thank you folks for joining us today. Remember building a team is the way to reclaim your freedom. We’re here to help you three things we’d love for you to do right now. And we’d really appreciate it if you do them. So, number one, if you haven’t already subscribed to this podcast, number two, give us a rating. Five star. That’s all we’ll take. No, no, not really willing to take whatever rate is how you want….five, $5 foot. No, that’s another company. That’s another one. Yeah. And then of course, number three, go to hiremyvaa.com for more information on our course. And what we talked about is our powerful community, right? We’re in there helps people answering questions. So remember folks, even without experience, you’ll learn how to prepare for hire and thrive with virtual assistance. Larry and I are continuing to help folks. We want to help you too. So again, just go to hire my va.com for more information. Yup.

Hey, do yourself a favor folks. Do the world a favor, go do something significant today. All right. Go get him. I’ll see you later.

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