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HireMyVA Podcast 3 – I Have NO or Little Experience Managing. Will Building a Team Work for me?

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Dave Braun
Folks welcome to the HireMyVA team and business building podcast, where we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with virtual assistants without breaking the bank, your bank. I’m Dave Braun. I’m here with my partner and awesome friend of mine, Larry Broughton. Larry, how you doing?

Larry Broughton
Awesome! Welcome back!

Dave Braun
Fantastic. Yeah, you can see my background’s a little bit different here, so I’m up in the mountains, but that’s the great thing about working remotely, right.

Larry Broughton
And I know I’m envious when you showed up up there today, I guess where I am, I’m in the forest.

Dave Braun
All right, well, let’s get into today’s topic. So Larry, one of the comments that we’ve heard from people is that, I mean, you guys have got a lot of years of experience managing people in different areas, corporate world non-corporate business startups and everything. So this is why having virtual assistants and managing them at works for you because you’ve got all of that experience. What do you think is that wrong?

Larry Broughton
We do. It’s clear. We’ve got lots of years of experience in managing people in our office, but also remotely. That’s absolutely true. And you can’t deny that and you’re right. We’ve done it in the corporate space and done it in the nonprofit space, in the military. Absolutely all that’s true. We know the great thing about mentors and coaches is that you’re not just paying for a program. You know, there’s paying by the hour, really what you’re getting when you have a coach or a mentor or a program like this is all the years of experience that come with it, all the life lessons, all the failures, all the successes that get to be shared. This program is not just about how to hire a VA. That is easy. I think I hope you found out by now. If you’ve scrolled through the whole program, Dave, is that we’ve got all kinds of stuff, not just how to be successful with a VA, but how to run a successful business, how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Larry Broughton
So there’s lots of life, life lessons there, maybe you and I are both committed. You know, the number that we’ve, we’ve identified as well. We want to create a million entrepreneurs, young leaders who have multi-generational impact on the world. We don’t do that just by providing a two hour program. We really have to be invested in this. And so your success is very important to us. If this is a question or kind of a fear that you might have. So we hold your hand through this. I’ve mentioned on earlier podcasts that we, this whole program provides the tools to help you lead. But Dave, you know, you and I have talked about this before. There were a couple of experiences that you had where experience has gotten in the way a me too, for sure. And I can share that, but you know you had mentioned a time when your experience actually prevented you from pulling the trigger on a couple of decisions. Is there one that kind of comes to mind for you? That might answer this?

Dave Braun
Yeah, actually. Thanks for reminding me on that. There was my first developer, a VA technical VA. I remember we, he was doing okay to start, but then he started struggling and the problem with my background coming from the corporate world in, so when, when I was in the corporate world and successful for a long time, but our company ended up going into bankruptcy and there was a, when you go into bankruptcy, it doesn’t happen normally overnight, there’s a long, slow descent. And part of that descent was that we could not, you know, if somebody left, we could never replace him. So my thinking at the time was that, oh man, I’d rather have 50% of somebody who’s not working well, then 0% of nothing. Right. And so, you know, I was, I was stuck. So some of that thinking started carrying over when I was in charge of the business, when I was like, it was only my decision. I didn’t have to answer to anybody else. And it just, it took me a while to say, wait a second, this is my business. It’s nobody else’s I need to do what’s right. This is not a charity, for example. And I needed to make a change. Yeah. So, but it took me like, oh my gosh, I hesitate to say, but that’s what we do. Right. We’re open. It took me like six months.

Larry Broughton
You and I had a conversation in my office, in the boardroom about this, right? And sometimes you need to have someone who holds the mirror up is this person helping you get to where you want to go. And it’s hard to do that sometimes, but that’s a great story, I think, or it’s a great example, but this is why one of the elements of this program that I love is the community element. It’s not just you and me, that our team members are leaning on, but other people are going through the same experience. And we can go to the forum and say, Hey, I’m having this problem. I’m having this fear.

Larry Broughton
What do you guys think about this? And people can, can chime in. This is what I love about online forums, people are going through the same thing that you are until you think, okay, I’ve got this person and they’re working at 50% productivity, but it’s really draining me emotionally. Sometimes we just need to hear from people say, rip the band aid off, you can do better. I think, particularly in today’s environment, Dave, where there are rock stars that are looking for work, they want to work. They want to be productive. And they’re sitting on the sidelines because people aren’t giving them a chance because many people are sticking with the good is good enough that 50% productive person that you were talking about. So yes, I do think that we do have years of experience, but guess what? We didn’t always have years of experience.

Larry Broughton
I remember the first person I ever hired. Dave, you probably do too. Right? And we make mistakes. And guess what? Even by you going through this program, the first, maybe the first VA will be a Rockstar and there’ll be a great fit. But statistically speaking, many of you are going to hire a VA is not going to work the first time, but we’re there for you. We’re going to coach you and help you through that to coach them up or coach them out of your organizations. And we’re going to do it until we get it right. It’s just like hiring anybody. It’s not a VA that they actually work in your office. Sometimes you get it right. And sometimes not. But by capitalizing on the experience that we’ve got, and that we’re going to share with you, we’re going to limit the number of misses. Because if you don’t have a program like this, if you don’t have somebody like Dave and I in your life, you’re just going to be swinging blindly. It’s like, you put them at the blindfold on and swinging at that piñata and people pulling it away from you constantly. We’re going to help take that blindfold off so that we’re going to increase the chances of hits when you swing that piñata.

Dave Braun
Yeah. And that’s, and that’s why we’ve designed the course the way it is, is so that we have this thrive portion, which as you said at the beginning, Larry, that thrive portion really, in our opinion, my opinion for sure is the most important, because it’s about long-term and sustainability.

Larry Broughton
about you tell It’ll Legacy.

Dave Braun
Yeah, absolutely. And you know, there’s so many things that we talk about in that thrive portion about that, like trust, how do you establish trust? How do you communicate both positive and negative feedback? How do you do that? You know, and of course leadership, leadership is such a big topic. How do you lead not only them, but yourself through that. So, so yeah, like Larry said, sometimes the years of experience can work against you. But other times, these years of experience that we’re putting together, the both of us, we work off of each other, play off of each other and we can hopefully recognize and on the issues that you may be having and we’re here to help for sure. And our community and our calls that we have, et cetera.

Larry Broughton
Yeah. Do you want us to do the journey by yourself with someone who’s never been there before? Or do you want the wise age? Who’s got some gray hair. Who’s who’s been there before and actually currently doing that.

Dave Braun
I agree with you agree with you. Any other thoughts?

Larry Broughton
No, I think it was great. It’s a great question. And I know we hear it all the time, but I think it’s based more on a fear. I think what they’re really saying is I’m afraid to hire somebody for the first time. I really don’t know what to do. Let’s be honest. I think that’s really what it is.

Dave Braun
And anytime you’re going to do something the first time you are generally going to be afraid

Larry Broughton
And it’s going to be hard. Everything is hard until it gets easy.

Dave Braun
Yeah, That’s right. Even starting to do this podcast with hard. All right. Well, let’s wrap that up for this episode. So thank you guys for joining us. Remember though, that building a team is the best way to reclaim your freedom. We’re here to help. Go to hiremyva.com for more info on our course and community where even without experience like we’ve talked about, you’ll learn how to prepare for hire and thrive with virtual assistants. Larry and I have helped a lot of people, we’re here to help you, we love to help folks change their lives and improve their legacy. Just go to hiremyva.com for more information. All right folks, go get them!

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