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HireMyVA Podcast 39- What happens if I find a better VA, Is it okay to let go of my current VA?

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Dave Braun
Hey everybody! Welcome to the HireMY–T, start that again. All right! Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Welcome to the HireMyVA– what?

Larry Broughton
Nothing, blooper reel.

Dave Braun
No, Daph, you can add this to the end, whatever. Have some fun. All right, here we go! Hey everybody. Welcome to the HireMyVA Team and Business Building Podcast, where we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with virtual assistants without breaking the bank– without breaking your bank. And I’m Dave Braun, I’m here with my partner, great friend, Larry Broughton in our new episode.

Larry Broughton
Hello, David? How are you sir? Thank you very much. It’s been a great week. How you doing?

Dave Braun
Excellent. We’re getting a lot of these episodes here.

Larry Broughton
Well, there’s a lot of questions.

Dave Braun
I know. I know. All right, you ready to give them the next one?

Larry Broughton
Sure. Let’s do it. That’s a good one!

Dave Braun
All right. Question that we’ve gotten from the community: What happens if I find a VA (virtual assistant), then saying a couple of weeks or three weeks, I find a better VA than my current one. Is it okay to let go of my current VA? And then of course, to replace with the new VA? What Say ye?

Larry Broughton
All right. My gut reaction is this feels a little bit like high school. All right. Yeah. You know what I’m saying? I’m dating you until the next person comes along that come on, come on, come on, come on. If you’re only been, if you’ve only had somebody working with you for two weeks, you really now, now I say this often times, you know, with generally the first 48 to 72 hours, whether the person you’ve hired is a good hire, but I believe as the leaders, we have a responsibility to develop these people, put yourself in their shoes. You hired somebody and then two weeks later, somebody else comes along. Well, two things: How do you know that the person that you hired, isn’t a rockstar? generally two weeks, maybe it’s a month. You don’t know until, unless you’ve really invested in them that they’re not gonna make it.

Larry Broughton
I think I’ve shared this story in the masterminds before, but I’ll say it really quickly here years ago at my former company, we had hired a CFO. This woman interviewed so well. She was a friggin, a rockstar, right? I won’t bore everybody with all the details, but after just a few days, I started hearing from some of our general managers that she was a freaking tyrant and rude and condescending. Right? Yeah, exactly. And so I ended up having a meeting with her. Well, we ended up cutting her loose within just a matter of a few days. Because that was what that went against one of our core values. And she actually admitted, Hey, this is who I am. These people are idiots. Like you’ve been here for three days, and you’re calling people idiots? It’s all right. We’re cutting you loose.

Larry Broughton
Sometimes you do now. But oftentimes you don’t know within the first two weeks, what somebody’s real potential is. But how do you know that the other person that you’ve just met, isn’t like the CFO person that I talked about who interviewed really well. You don’t know. My point is give people a chance. If you’ve decided that you’re going to hire these people. And if you really have gone through the prepare and hire process that we lay out in this program, the likelihood is, there’s going to be times when you’re right. You’re gonna hire somebody is not gonna work. But the likelihood is they’re pretty good candidate. But one of the things a similar question came up in one of our last calls, Dave is, try the second person, the person that you haven’t hired, give them a project to test it out. To see how are they going to be? But I’m not a big fan of hiring somebody. And then two weeks later, because somebody prettier came along, throwing one to the curb and bringing the other person on, unless the first one you hired, you absolutely compromised and you knew it was a compromise because you weren’t finding the right candidate.

Dave Braun
That’s a very good scenario to bring up in case you’ve been looking for a while and you needed help and you think the person wasn’t the right candidate, but they’re helping get you by. And then you’re pretty sure that somebody better comes along. So, I mean, that makes sense, right? Because you know our business, I mean, you know, they’re not charities. Our businesses and charities, we’ve got to have the best people on their teams. So there may be times when you do need to do this, but you’ve really gotta be careful because, I mean, you just, you don’t know the new person that you hire, you get rid of the old one, that new person, like you said, may not work out, or they may be better in the short run, but maybe not in the long run as well.

Larry Broughton
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’s very interesting. You know, like a lot of you folks know my assistant, Melissa, she interviewed over the two years, I think it was two years or a few years prior to me actually hiring her the second time. She was part of the job pool of when I was looking similar a couple of years before, and I knew she looked familiar when she walked in the door with this interview. She said, oh yeah, I interviewed the last time you were looking for somebody and now, whatever it is, six years later, she’s still with me. So sometimes yes, you’re going to make a mistake with a hiring process. My point is, don’t use this as a pattern. You know, don’t turn this into a pattern that you don’t do the hard work, what we say in our organizations, Dave, and you know, slow to hire, quick to fire. Okay. Don’t be too quick to hire if you don’t know, give it a little bit more time. Give it a little more time if you really don’t find the right person.

Dave Braun
Yeah. I can tell you, I mean, a really good approach that if this does happen to you is, I mean, this is one of the reasons why we really advocate, you know, hiring from the Philippines, partly that that is because of the cost, but there’s great expertise there. So what happened in my team is I had a former virtual assistant of mine became available because the company that he is working for kind of shut down and, you know, and it just wasn’t working out for him. So I’m like, you know, we need to offer a new service. So I kind of created a new role for that person. I didn’t let my current one VA go, but, but what we ended up doing is creating a new role for this new person. So that’s definitely a possibility because if you’re finding somebody talented out there that’s available, especially from the Philippines, it doesn’t cost you that much to bring them on board and I’ll guarantee you that you are going to find a role for them. You’re going to- they’re going to be able to help you get to the next level in your business, because you may need to offer a new product or service, they’ll help you develop it.

Larry Broughton
With th the guy you’re talking about. It was a revenue generating role that you created. Yes. Revenue generating. And it created time for you as well, right? That’s a great scenario right there.

Dave Braun
Yeah. In fact, ever since I hired him- he came back and jumped in and did some stuff ever since he came back to our team, I’ve been a lot more relaxed. And so it’s been awesome. You know? So, and then the other thing I think we want to make sure that you, as an employer, as an executive, whatever you need to think about what’s best for your business. Don’t look so much right now, look for three months, six months, 12 months, look for the long-term. What is going to end up being the best for you? So, so yeah, be careful really think through, if you’re going to get rid of, you know, a current VA that you’ve just hired because you definitely don’t want your business to have a reputation because people do talk even you know, Philippines has a lot of people, but you know, people will definitely talk.

Dave Braun
In fact, here’s an, here’s a scenario that happened to me is that I ended up this one person, I ended up that my second hire was for this developer, a virtual assistant. She was amazing, she was awesome in the interview, knew everything, communicated great. And then all of a sudden, once she was hired, she started disappearing and not communicating. So within two weeks I had to let her go, well, guess what? A couple years down the road, when I opened up another spot, guess who applied? that same person. So we think that, oh, there’s millions of people there and there are, but sometimes the communities that you’re looking for can get pretty small and word can travel. So be careful. All right, any other thoughts? No, that’s good. All right. That was a good one. Well, thank you folks for joining us today and being the heart of, you know, the weekly and the podcasts that we do, it’s really a pleasure that Larry and I

Dave Braun
have to talk to you about some of these things, because we really feel like building a team is the best way to reclaim your freedom so that you can, you know, obviously be free, but that you can build a legacy and have significance, and we want to help you with that. So come join our Course and Community, go to Hiremtyva.com and check out everything that we’ve got there. But also if you’ve already, if you’re already familiar with that and you’ve done it, we ask you to do three things right now. Number one, subscribe to the podcast, if you haven’t already done. So, and then number two, give us a rating that will really help us. And then the next course courses, like I said, go to Hiremyva.com and get more information because we’ve got a great Course and a great community. That’s doing a lot of amazing stuff because we want to help you guys see so that even without experience, you’ll know how to prepare for hire and thrive with virtual assistants. Larry and I are continuing to help folks and we love it. So just go to Hiremyva.com for more information.

Larry Broughton
Yeah and folks, do yourself a favor, do the world a favor. Go do something significant today. All right, my friends. God bless you. God keep you, God hold you. All right. Go get them friends!

Dave Braun
Right! Take care, everybody.

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