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HireMyVA Podcast 136- Hiring Process Checklist and Blueprint

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Episode Summary

Our VA Hiring Process Checklist and Blueprint are available as a free download on our website. It is exactly what it says to be: a checklist of things to think about when hiring someone. After years of successes and a few setbacks, we created this hiring process checklist.

Of course, as with all of our tools, it may be used remotely or in person.
Remember, you must opt-in on our site to receive it, but it is free. And we provide two versions: the first is a checklist, while the second has a wealth of information on each checklist item.


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Episode Transcription

Dave Braun
Hello, everybody. Welcome to the HireMyVA Team and Business Building Podcast brought to you by Yoogozi.com. In this podcast and at HireMyVA, we help you to reclaim your freedom through hiring and thriving with Virtual Assistants without breaking the bank, and of course, that means the most important bank, which is your bank. I’m Dave Braun and I’m normally here with my partner and one of my greatest friends, Larry Broughton and we banter back and forth on various questions that we receive. But today it’s me flying solo again, and I’m gonna be handling the question. So let’s dive into this question. The question is, what’s this hiring process checklist you have all about? I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this, but this is something that we have as a free download on our site. And it’s our VA hiring process checklist and blueprint. And of course, it is what it says it is.

Dave Braun
It’s a checklist of things for you to consider when you’re gonna be hiring somebody. Now we’ve developed this hiring process checklist after years of victories and a few failures here and there. And the cool thing about it is like all of our tools. You can use it, not just for remote workers, but you can use it for people that you’re hiring for in-person as well. So it can be used for both categories and we want you to do that, but remember, if you want it, you need to opt-in at our site, but it’s free for you. And we walk you through it there as well. But we thought this episode, we’d walk you through this a little bit and show you how valuable it really is. Now, one of the cool things too here is that we give you two versions.

Dave Braun
When you opt-in, the first version we give you is just like the raw checklist. Okay? The second one has got a ton of details behind each checklist item. So what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna give you a brief overview. We’re gonna dive in. Now, if you’re just listening to this, I’ll describe things as best I can. But what I’m gonna do is share my screen for those of you watching on YouTube. So let me go ahead and do this right now. All right. So here we go. I’m sharing my screen, my right screen. And this is the actual blueprint checklist. Now, one of the cool things about this that you can tell is I’m not a graphics person. I didn’t design this cover. Guess who did it? One of our Virtual Assistants, Daph, who was on the previous podcast that we did an interview with her. That was episode 135. You oughta check that out if you haven’t heard that. So she created this cover and did the design and all that kind of stuff. So this is what it looks like when you get it. Now, everything else in our course, it’s built around our three stages or our three levels, so to speak. The first is Prepare, the second is Hire and the third is Thrive.

Dave Braun
And that’s where most courses, etc, that talk about how to work with team members. That’s where they fall down. They don’t have a lot of stuff in the Thrive, which is really the most important, but really this whole thing starts with Prepare. Now prepare here is our first stage. Now the goal of this stage is to set the foundation for yourself to be able to recruit Rockstar VAs. Now, one of the key things about this particular first stage here is that you normally need to go through most of this only one time. And it’s worth going through the very first time because you’ve gotta know yourself and your business first. Now, we’ve divided this up into multiple subsections. So let’s talk about that. So in the Prepare Yourself, we’ve got, the first section is called Know Yourself. So you want to know who you are and you need to have a couple of personality assessments taken.

Dave Braun
You need to get those under your belt and you can use those for years and years because they won’t change a lot. So we recommend Kolbe-A and Strengthfinders 2.0, and then of course we recommend you do a particular exercise and we have this in the course, but write down a bunch of stuff like what you hate doing, what you don’t know how to do. Those will give you a guide on whom you should be going after. Okay? That’s a quick overview. The second is your culture in business. You wanna define the vision of your company, and define the mission of your company. So you gotta figure out what kind of a culture that you want to have, because if you don’t create it yourself, if you don’t take control over it, then it’s just gonna happen naturally. And it may not be the kind of culture that you want.

Dave Braun
Okay? Now the second stage here is “Hire’. Remember, the goal of this stage is to find the best person who fits your needs now, gives you breathing room, grows with you, and helps you move your life in business towards their fullest potential. Okay? So it may not necessarily be moving your business to its fullest potential, but it could be your life. All right. So we have the major categories of requirements. You’ve gotta think about the requirements. Now, some of this may sound obvious, but we’ve got to put this down on a checklist so that you don’t forget. So some of the important things you’re gonna need to understand is to decide on full-time or part-time. So now the second part of this in stage two is the questions. You want to come up with your hard-skill questions.

Dave Braun
Those are for specific skillsets, come up with your soft-skill questions, those that reflect attitudes and behaviors, and then your specific skill questions, those that are specific to the resume. So one of the things that we’ve got is a lot of guides within our course itself on what those questions would be. And then the third major section in the Hire process is, is the actual process itself. So you’ve gotta be thinking through all of those steps. You got a poster requirement, and schedule time with people that you’re gonna interview where you interview them because it is a little bit of investment on your own upfront. You’ve got to spend some of that time if you want to get Rockstar VAs. You’ve got to make sure that you’ve got your questions and you’ve got time to schedule that you’re gonna interview them and then of course evaluate them as well.

Dave Braun
And then, of course, we’ve got a whole bunch of items that after you select the person, there are things that you’ve really got to do to make sure that they’ve got a decent onboarding experience. And then, there we talk about policies here, you gotta have them review that, etc. Now the third stage is, Thrive with your VA. Now that you’ve got your VA onboard, you want to take your productivity and there’s to the next level. So the first part of this in stage three is the performance. You wanna create a plan for establishing trust. You wanna establish some warning signs for you to watch, to indicate longer-term performance problems. And you’ve gotta check for additional ways to help your VA improve their performance. Now we’ve said this before, but you may not have heard it, but one of the best things that you can do for them and for yourself is to get a second monitor.

Dave Braun
Now I’ve got three of them and it makes a big difference. And then the next major section under the Thrive part is communication. You’ve gotta make sure you keep your communication going often establishing priorities, regular meetings, performance reviews, all of that kind of stuff. You’ve gotta make sure that you’ve got a good communication plan because when communication goes sideways, that’s one of the first indications that there’s a problem somewhere between you and your team member. And then of course the third part is you’re gonna eventually have to free someone, terminate them from your company. That’s something that I had to do just recently. And I use this checklist and our detailed guides to remind myself of what I needed to do. So we’ve got a few items on that there. And then of course, one of the things that’s so important these days is keeping them.

Dave Braun
In this environment, how are you gonna do things in your business that are gonna make sure that you have team members that stay for the long term? So we’ve got, using smart and stretch goals for them, having some kind of a reward program, for example, recognizing events, giving them certain training and allowing them to do that. And then of course investing in yourself. Now the next major section under the Thrive part is protecting yourself. Because if you get burned out, if you start losing your passion for your business and what you’re doing with your clients your business is gonna suffer for it. Your team members are gonna suffer for it. So you’ve gotta protect yourself. And we’ve got some very important ways that you can do this. You’ve got to sign up with a coach or a mentor as well as some kind of a mastermind group.

Dave Braun
And we have that within the HireMyVA Program, but you’ve really gotta have somebody outside of yourself that’s helping you and looking at you and giving you thoughts and advice and the right type of a person as well. And then of course getting regular exercise, and enough sleep. So these are some of those checklist items. Now, in this particular one, when you first sign up and you get this, this is the simple checklist. Now, what happens is, as part of the sequence that you get, when you get this, the email sequence is you’ll get the detailed version of it. So for those of you who can’t see, what we have is that for each checklist item, we’ve got reasons why you need to do this particular item and a little bit about how to do it.

Dave Braun
So for example, in the Prepare process, when we ask you say to write down what gives you energy? So the details on this, it says it’s important to work, to not just use the energy we have, but to create more of it. And we can do it by working more on those things that give us energy such as solving problems, being alone, being with people, playing with numbers, etc. What is it that ends up giving you energy? And then, of course, write down what you should be doing as a business owner or in your particular position. Because a lot of times we aren’t doing what we should be doing. Having team members take off these other tasks that we are busy doing will free us to do some of the things that we should be doing.

Dave Braun
And then of course, we go down and further and further. This is overall, this document, and it’s pretty jam-packed. This final checklist with explanations can get overwhelming. It’s about 15 pages. But the important thing about this that we want you to remember is that you’re not gonna be doing all of these things in one hour. You’re gonna start off when you’re hiring somebody, you’re gonna start at the Prepare Yourself. So maybe you allow yourself a few hours to get through this “Preparing”. And remember the preparing part, you pretty much only have to do once and then brush up on it after the course of time. So, that is really what we call our hiring process checklist,

Dave Braun
our blueprint that you can grab and use for free. It’s got a lot of valuable content in it. It’s got so much, that’s important for you, each step, guides you through what you’re supposed to be doing. And like I said, you can get it through our website. You know, either you’ll look for it, you’ll be able to find it. You could search for it, but the easiest way is it will be an opt-in for you. And it should be pretty self-explanatory to get it. So you just have to go to Hiremyva.com and eventually we will put it on a landing page and update these show notes for that. But right now, it’s an exit intent for you to get. And we really, really recommend you doing that. So, I think that is pretty good. Let me go back to just showing myself. I appreciate you guys joining us today, and I hope you found that it’s valuable.

Dave Braun
And like I said, get this checklist and use it whether or not you sign up for what we’re doing, that doesn’t matter as much to us. What matters is that we’re helping you out there thrive with your business by helping you prepare for hiring and thriving with Virtual Assistants. So member, as we always close, we talk about having a team is the way to reclaim your freedom. And it truly is. And of course, we are here to help you. We have our course in community and our White Glove Service, and then this freebie, this checklist. Grab it, please do that. But right now, what we’d love for you to do is three things. And we’d really appreciate it. Number one, subscribe to the podcast, if you haven’t already done so, either on your iPhone or your Android phone, that’s really, really important. And then on YouTube at the subscribe button and then click on the little bell next to it to get reminders.

Dave Braun
And then number two, give us a rating. Obviously, we’d love five stars, but give us what you think is appropriate. And leave a comment below the video, any comment. If you have a question on this checklist, go ahead and put a comment there, or where you can get it, ask any question on any aspect of this checklist, and we’ll be happy to explain it to you or give you some more information. And then number three is, go to Hiremyva.com for more information, of course, on our White Glove Service, our Course & Community. And I mean, there’s a lot of good resources there, we’ve got our podcasts, so many of them there. We’ve got our transcriptions that you can quickly go through if there’s a particular episode that you wanna dive into. But remember folks, even without experience, you’ll learn how to prepare for hire and thrive with Virtual Assistants. Larry and I have helped a lot of folks. We’re helping more people every day, providing hints and tips and tricks to get the most out of not only your team, but your business as well. So we want to help you too. Sign up, just at least get on our email list and you get a lot of free information from that. So to do that. Just go to Hiremyva.com. Thanks for being with us. Bye.

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