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HireMyVA Podcast 19 – I’m concerned they just won’t work as much as they should

What some people call it, MIC, some people call it mic and it’s motivation, integrity, and capacity, right? The way you find these right people is through the interviewing process. And we, and we give you in the program, a whole list of sample interview questions that help you flush this out. When you’re hiring somebody, you want to hire someone who is highly motivated. They want to be there. They’ve got the attitude. Like I get to go work with Dave today. Now I have to go work with Dave today. I get to get out of bed today, not, oh, I have to get up today. Right? And so we were going to help you hire people who are highly motivated. Now, oftentimes it’s better to find. It’s easier to find people who are motivated when they’re working in their strengths. We help you with that. The second thing is this integrity.

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HireMyVA Podcast 18 – I’ll train them and they’ll just go work for someone else

One of the most important elements of the program as to how to get someone on board and then they will want to stay there. If we create a really attractive work environment where they’re working in their strengths and they’re feeling challenged and they’re being rewarding and you’re being positive and upbeat with them, they’re not going to want to go someplace else. But honestly, if you treat them like a hired hand, you treat them like a virtual assistant, like traditional virtual assistant, where they’re really not part of the team. You’re disrespectful, you’re dismissive. Guess what? Yeah. They’re going to go somewhere else. And they, they deserve it. They deserve to have a great place to work and you deserve to have them leave.

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HireMyVA Podcast 17 – They might steal my customers

You know, and, and I’m glad you started that way because your clients are your clients because of the main reason is because they know like, and they trust you. That’s why they came on board. That’s why they want to do business with you in the first place. I think you and your company, what you have created. And you know, that’s not going to be able to be, I mean, you can’t just easily duplicate that. Right. A virtual assistant, they may try, but, you know, chances are, it’s going to be pretty difficult for them to duplicate it, especially if you’ve got somebody in, you know, in a, in another country. Right. And you know, likely, especially if you’re doing your first one or two or three, most likely you’ll be limiting any kind of interactions that you have with those, those clients to pretty much you and them, as opposed to you and your VA’s.

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HireMyVA Podcast 16 – I don’t have the time to train anyone as I’m already so underwater

It’s going to take you time. But if you don’t do this, what’s the alternative. And before I get to that, about the alternative, listen, we have to, one of the problems I think that we have is as a society, we want a quick fix to everything, right? Microwave. Exactly. To microwave society. We want immediate satisfaction. We want somebody to come in and save the day today and believe me, I believe we’re in COVID right now when we are recording this thing, I think a lot of people want this to be over. However. I’m one of them. Yeah, that’s right. Those folks that are investing their time and energy into pivoting, their businesses, creating new skill are preparing for the future. And so that’s the same way when you’re build, when you’re bringing team members on board.

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HireMyVA Podcast 15 Im afraid theyll take my money and disappear 1

HireMyVA Podcast 15 – I’m afraid they’ll take my money and disappear

It’s a legitimate concern Dave. I mean, we both know people where this has happened to, but here here’s the funny thing. There’s two sides to every coin is that there are service providers and VAs out there who have the same concern. I’m going to do all this work for somebody and they’re not going to pay me. Right. Well, I think one of the great things about, well, there’s a lot of great things about this program, but we walk everyone through on how to make sure and avoid that from happening, right? Whether it’s small projects, first test the waters, build trust, but really most of them, most the VA’s that we work with and lead you to and recommend they’re all professionals. And so they understand that I provide work and then there’s gonna be a specific payday.

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HireMyVA Podcast 14 I doubt Ill be able to find someone as smart as me 1

HireMyVA Podcast 14 – I doubt I’ll be able to find someone as smart as me

Oftentimes when you feel ground down, when you feel burned out, when you just lose motivation, it’s because you’re not working in your strengths. And imagine if every VA that you hired, every person in your team was working in their strengths as well. You know, everything would just be buzzing. It’d be a great experience. So I would just caution you about being fearful of bringing on people only because you think, oh, you know, I’m not going to find anybody as smart as me. You know, there probably are, like I said, I’m glad that you have high self-esteem about it.

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HireMyVA Podcast 13 I just want to do my work and not worry about someone else 1

HireMyVA Podcast 13 – I just want to do my work and not worry about someone else

Can I be really honest on this? I think I can because this is our actual podcast, right? Reality is our friend. And so for those who have been on the journey with Dave and I, for some period of time, you know, I tend not to pull punches. I try to speak the truth, even when it hurts, I try to soften it a little bit. Sometimes it’s like an iron fist and a velvet glove. What Teddy Roosevelt used to like to say, but if that truly is your attitude, and I mean, truly, and you’re not just saying that as an excuse, then this isn’t the program for you. Then really freedom is not what you’re looking for. That’s an absolutely fear-based comment. You will not grow your business. You will not find the freedom that Dave and I are trying to offer, if you’re going to do everything by yourself. Dave, you’ve got this great comment on the board, over your shoulder there that says “control is an illusion”. If you think you’re going to control everything, you are nuts. The more you try to hold on tight to things, the less control you have of what’s really going on around you. And we can really dive down the rabbit hole with Alice in Wonderland or go through the matrix or whatever it is on this one. But truly, if you want to find freedom, you have to have team members, really strong team members.

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HireMyVA Podcast 12 Ive heard theyll just disappear days at a time 1

HireMyVA Podcast 12 – I’ve heard they’ll just disappear days at a time

It really comes down to three things. I think one is the personality of the person that you’ve hired. The second, that can be cultural because there are some cultural events or life circumstances that happen where culturally, they deal with it differently than we might here in the U S additionally, part of the cultural thing is the way that they respond differently to their boss versus here in the U S and the third thing is communication. Have we communicated effectively what our expectations are of what happens when some kind of life drama, emergency, tragedy, holiday, comes up? So really, I think comes down to those three things and we can kind of winnow this down from there.

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HireMyVA Podcast 11 - I’ve hired someone from the Philippines before and it’s never worked out

HireMyVA Podcast 11 – I’ve hired someone from the Philippines before and it’s never worked out

You can hire people in the U S or the Philippines or wherever, and they may not work out. So let’s not get stuck on that because some of what we need to separate. And I say this often we need to determine, what are we rationalized? we watch them make excuse. And what’s your reason so it could be, these people could be from anywhere and they might not work out. It’s not a country specific issue. The issue is not knowing what or whom to look for that, the right characteristics. Not being able to filter them out up front.

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HireMyVA Podcast 10 Will they steal from me if I give them access to sensitive information 1

HireMyVA Podcast 10 – Will they steal from me if I give them access to sensitive information?

There are some things you’re always going to withhold – you have to. But if we want more freedom, we have to give up the reins to a lot of the things that we do. And so the, I think the thing that most people are afraid of is intellectual property and finances. Those are the two things that people are most concerned about stealing. And so there might be small things that you can do to…

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